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Large Overhead Track Slide Gates

Large overhead track slide gates make sense when you have a heavy use facility entrance and need a highly reliable slide gate.  These gates do not need a counter balance like a cantilever gate; these gates place far less stress on the gate hardware and gate operators.  These types of gates als[read more]

Cantilever Gates – No Sweeping Concerns

  Cantilever gates are suspended above the ground, this way there is no concerns regarding terrain, road conditions or adverse weather.  The gates upper and lower guide wheels guide the gate through the opening.  Unlike the sweeping effects of swing gates, cantilever gates slide back [read more]

  For an architectural louvered screen system, PalmSHIELD has been engineered to meet a category one 90 mph wind load requirement.   PalmSHIELD reviews our engineering to assure that the design will meet designed load requirements relative to the overall design and selection of materi[read more]

  A rolling gate is a type of slide gate.  The most popular slide gate is a cantilever gate.  Cantilever gates use rollers that are attached to support posts, with no rollers or wheels touching the ground.  Cantilever gates are also the perfect option for automation.  These gates [read more]

Swing Gates:  Single or Double?

Many a customer has said after their fence was installed, “I wish I would have gone with a …..gate instead.”   American Fence Company staff are professionals within the fence industry; as the professionals, we are obligated to point out the features, benefits and liabilities of each type[read more]

New Stained Fir Fence Makes Debut

American Fence Company is excited to share with our customers the new pre-stained cedar tone Fir pickets and rails.  American Fence Company has been using the White Fir fence pickets and rails for eight years.  These pickets and rails have a fantastic track record of withstanding the years [read more]

Your temporary construction fence should be your first line of defense at your construction site. Not only does it aid in keeping materials and tools safe; it keeps potential lawsuits from curious trespassers out.  Construction sites are dangerous, especially in the dark; as a result, it is e[read more]

Why We Choose Incense Cedar For Your Fence

Incense Cedar fence pickets, rails and posts are one of the most durable and decay-resistant of native American woods.  It is produced from a forest tree found in California, southern Oregon and western Nevada.  Generally, Incense Cedar is known in the lumber industry as one of the twelve woo[read more]