Welcome to the American Fence Company of Lincoln website. Our website is designed to help our customers choose a fence design that they will love for years to come. We have a huge online photo gallery filled with vinyl, wood, ornamental and chain link fences.

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PalmSHIELD’S newest addition is off to a great start! The Casino diagonal louver design has caught the attention of several designers and architects. Questions have been asked as to how this can be included in the next dumpster enclosure, patio rail, or mechanical equipment. We have been in direct[read more]

Spring has sprung, and so has construction season! American Fence Rental is ready to meet your immediate site security needs.  We have over five thousand temporary fence panels in inventory, ready for your use! This equates to over thirteen miles! Along with the readiness of the fence, are the crew[read more]

Introducing PalmSHIELDS’ New Casino Panels!

  As PalmSHIELD keeps expanding their product lines, once again I am excited to announce yet another new product that has just came out. Our Casino panels provide a modern design that is rather striking. This design is perfect for enclosing outdoor patios and cafes, and just what architects a[read more]

NEW! PalmSHIELD Cable Railing Systems!

PalmSHIELD has recently introduced their new, unique architectural cable design. The new system is by far a much cleaner and more appealing design in comparison to traditional cable railing. This new design is achieved by a single cable attached to the top of a panel, then woven back and forth throu[read more]

America’s Fence Store Is One Of The Largest Custom Metals Fabricators!

America’s Fence Store is indeed one of the largest custom metals fabricators here in the Midwest! With a fabrication area of over ten thousand square feet, and eight certified welders on hand, they are capable of fabricating custom projects of fencing, gates and custom railings. With all of the [read more]

PalmSHIELD has released our CAD and PDF drawings for standard dumpster enclosures! In the following attached typical drawings, there are layouts for one, two or three dumpsters. Each type of dumpster has a different footprint. Refuge dumpsters have a standard footprint. In contrast, solid waste mana[read more]

PalmSHIELD enthusiastically unveiled their newest addition to the family, Vertical Seclusion! Vertical louver screening and fence systems are prevalent in rooftop equipment screening and for mechanical enclosures, which had existing designs needing to be matched. PalmSHIELD is aware that most roof p[read more]

PalmSHIELD Just Keeps Growing, and Growing!

PalmSHIELD has done it again! They now offer a brand new bar grating type of security fence! The panels are fabricated from aluminum and offer great visibility and air flow. PalmSHIELD created their own style of bar grating panels that are swage locked, which is a more cost effective alternative [read more]