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Grand Island changes locations!

Exciting news! As of March 2018, American Fence Company will have completed our fifth move to an updated facility! Over the last four years we have completed, or will have completed, major renovations including over seventy thousand square feet of new concrete. All of this has been achieved thro[read more]

PalmSHIELD & AFC-MN team up

PalmSHIELD Louvers and American Fence Company of Minnesota team-up to provide a new mechanical equipment enclosure for American Family Insurance’s new data center.  PalmSHIELD louvers has a long history of providing architectural louvers for data centers.  You can find our louvered panel system [read more]

It is thunderstorm season in the Midwest which typically leaves us with a great deal of damaged fence.  Just recently, a large storm moved through the area and left my neighbor with his wood fence blown over.   A handful of the wood fence panels and posts where flattened where shear winds made th[read more]

PalmSHIELD louver is 100% direct visual screening.   As a matter of fact, PalmSHIELD louvers standard design uses a ½” overlap based on direct visual screening.  Direct visual screening is the standard measure for determining the percentage of visibility.  It is exactly as it is described[read more]

There has been a recent uptick of construction site thefts over the last two years.  American Fence Rental has been installing a surprising amount of construction site security fence as well in this same period.  Contractors are doing their due diligence in providing site security but thieves are [read more]

Would be thieves don’t want to make a scene at your front door.  They want to sneak around to the back of your house, through your gate and into the basement or patio door.  By the time they reach the back door; they are committed.  They know that they may have crossed that threshold of no retu[read more]

Large Overhead Track Slide Gates

Large overhead track slide gates make sense when you have a heavy use facility entrance and need a highly reliable slide gate.  These gates do not need a counter balance like a cantilever gate; these gates place far less stress on the gate hardware and gate operators.  These types of gates als[read more]

Cantilever Gates – No Sweeping Concerns

  Cantilever gates are suspended above the ground, this way there is no concerns regarding terrain, road conditions or adverse weather.  The gates upper and lower guide wheels guide the gate through the opening.  Unlike the sweeping effects of swing gates, cantilever gates slide back [read more]