Tips On How to Prepare Your Site for Temporary Fence Installation

As with any sort of project, there must be certain steps taken beforehand to ensure that from the designing stage all the way up to the final installation stages, everything goes smoothly. The same applies for what is needed prior to setting up temporary fence. The first step is to lay out the entire site using stakes will give you a visual of exactly where the fence will be. The following are simple guidelines to use and be conscious of when doing so.

First and foremost, it is crucial to know where your property line is. If you are not sure, you can have a property line survey done for you. Once this has been done, your layout will reflect exactly where the fence will be installed. For obvious reasons, this is a very beneficial step in the process, as it allows you to take into consideration any objects that may be too close to your fence.

Take note of anywhere that there may be an easement, and of course any city codes that refer to sight lines, as these are both critical to adhere to. Safety is always a main concern of ours, so naturally this theme carries over into everything that we do. Bearing in mind that contractors will be storing materials inside the fence, there needs to be adequate distance between the two to keep possible theft to a minimum. On the same note, remember that there will also need to be space for parking employee vehicles and equipment as well. The way that the fence will run across the ground is just as important. If the ground isn’t very even, this creates more of a likelihood for theft.

The next significant item to consider is where your gates are going to be located. Taking the time to stake these out as well, is very beneficial. Although the following steps are similar to the initial staking of your fence line, they are no less important. Familiarize yourself with codes and laws concerning the way in and out of a job site next to streets and intersections with high traffic flow.

Checking with the city to educate yourself on these ordinances before designating your gate positioning is a great way to avoid any disputes later on. Be aware of numerous large trucks with trailers that will be coming in and out of the site on a regular basis. You want to make sure that they have plenty of room to maneuver without damaging anything around them. With that being said, also keep in mind that your employees will be coming and going frequently, and need a clear entrance to do so.

Once all of these items have been checked off of your list, the final item to complete is to ensure your future job site is free from all debris. This includes everything from plant life to machinery that is to be used at a later date. After this final step is accomplished, all you have to do is get your fence installed, which is where we come in! The American Fence Company of Lincoln branch services many cities across Nebraska, such as Auburn, York, Fairbury, Nebraska City, Wahoo, Crete, Syracuse, Hebron, Seward, and Beatrice. Questions on temporary fence? Contact The American Fence Company of Lincoln today!

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