American Access Company – American Fence Company’s Newest Division

Access control equipment, such as an operator, an access portal and some photo eyesAmerican Fence Company is very pleased to introduce you to the newest division of our company, American Access Company! This division focuses primarily on access control systems, gate operators and barriers. We have a dedicated crew of professionals trained by top manufacturers to design, install and maintain your automated gate and access control system. American Access Company will focus on:

  • Providing new automated gate systems that include all wiring, equipment and programming
  • Repairing current gate components, access control equipment and gate operators
  • Integrating the latest Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cloud-based solutions for all around better access control
  • Upgrading current access control systems to be up-to-code with current safety requirements

An automated ornamental sliding gate installed by American Fence CompanyA simple keypad wired to a motor in a box to open your gate just doesn’t cut it any more in today’s security and technological environment. Today’s automated gate access systems require internet-enabled access controls and detailed safety devices. You not only want to open your gate, but you want to be able to monitor it as well.

Staying current with the ever-advancing access control industry is a difficult task. It requires a staff of dedicated specialists who are experienced with the latest automation in modern day gate operator mechanics. These gate operators have intricate circuitry and machinery that assist in preventing the gate from hitting any vehicles or pedestrians.

A picture depicting a wide selection of access control equipment, including access portals, operators, receivers, photo eyes, transmitters, keypads and key fobsEven more than the evolving gate operator industry, there is a series of whole new products and industries designed to provide the highest level of security. Are you in need of a 40’ wide by 13’ tall swing gate that can close in under three seconds? How about a 2000 lb. hydraulic wedge that rises in under two seconds to stop a 10,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 50 mph within 3’ of initial impact? These products are populating our landscape from data centers to airports.

For all these reasons and more, American Access Company was born. Our team is assembled and trained and our inventory of on-hands parts is growing. We are more than happy to assist you with any inquiries or questions that you may have. Visit us at today for more information.

This logo emulates American Fence Company's, using the same font and American flag graphic, but it reads "American Access Company" and in smaller font underneath reads "a division of American Fence Company"

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