Chain Link Overview

With over thirteen acres of inventory, we are the largest supplier of chain link fabric. You can choose from twelve different heights, three colors and a variety of gauges – all in stock. Chain link has come a long way over the years. Once upon a time, galvanized chain link fence was considered the only choice for its ability to keep pets and children in your yard. With the introduction of the vinyl coated chain link, the old guard has been dressed up. Whether it is galvanized or snappy black vinyl, we have what you are looking for.

Chain link has been a tried and true option for many years. As we continue to see advancements with other products, many home owners and businesses still prefer it.  Over the years we have completed countless projects with this type of fence.  A trip to the Lancaster Event Center is a fine example. As they continue to grow on the east side of Lincoln, the Event Center offers many opportunities to view said fencing option. Recently, we have completed the fencing around the track on the far east side of the property, which includes privacy slats.

Chain link is also a great choice for protecting your business. The most sought out option is the 6 foot tall chain link fabric with three rows of barbed wire. This is very common at storage units and various other businesses. We have completed thousands and thousands of feet of this type of fence at Steven’s Creek Storage Units just outside of Lincoln on East “O” ST. Other great examples are located at most City of Lincoln Water work sites and the Pinnacle Bank Arena in downtown Lincoln.

Chain link offers the option to adding privacy slats as well. Perhaps you have seen them on dumpster enclosures at your local gas station or restaurants. Privacy slats offer a wide variety of color options. They also offer a great cost saving method for helping your existing chain link fence offer more privacy.

Yet another option is windscreen on chain link. Although this is not a typical application for a homeowner, it is more common for large commercial applications. We installed the fence and windscreen in the Garden Center at the local Home Depot on 70th ST and Hwy 2 in Lincoln. Many commercial projects require such application on their job sites as well. In this situation the use of windscreen is quite common.

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