Gates Overview

American Fence Company of Lincoln builds over three thousand gates each year. Each and every gate is fabricated to our customers’ unique requests. From a single slide gate to cover over one hundred feet at a local airport to a four thousand pound ornamental swing gate at the governor’s mansion to the swing gate in your backyard, we have you covered.

With an army of certified welders, eight fabrication facilities and a team of Computer Aided Designers, your gate will be a masterpiece! We fabricate gates right here in our shop in Lincoln. We customize those gates to your specific measurements. Sure, there are common sizes, but who wants to be common when you can be unique? For our larger gate needs, we rely on our fabrication facility in Omaha. Our team of fabricators will design the gate to meet all of your expectations.

The types and styles of gates are almost endless; limited only by your imagination. Whether you need a chain link gate for the sole purpose of getting the lawnmower in the back yard or a highly sophisticated, custom ornamental gate to accent the beauty of your property and provide security for your loved ones, we’ve got you covered!
We pride ourselves on our expertise and years and years of service to Lincoln! With that being said, regardless of your application, we have most likely experienced a similar situation and will offer you, our valued customer, the best solution for your gate needs.

Our gates can be found in countless backyards to large corporations and everything in between. Rest assured that when you call us; you will immediately be put at ease, knowing you’ve come to the right place.

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