The Value of Louvered Panels

Visible mechanical equipment can be quite the distraction, regardless of what kind of project you’re working on. Whether you’re designing a business with a high quantity of customers or an industrial facility within close proximity to a major highway, you don’t want eyesores casting a negative image on your work area. What’s more, a number of cities even require that dumpsters, loading docks, and mechanical equipment are hidden (read: screened) from the public’s view. For all of these reasons, engineers, designers, and architects turn to PalmSHIELD for mechanical equipment screening, allowing them to conceal their equipment from public view while maintaining ventilation. PalmSHIELD’s most requested mechanical screening solution is louvered panels, which can be mounted on the ground as well as rooftops, as well as elevated patios. Louvered mechanical screening has increased in demand, but why is that? Let us explain why louvered screening is in such high demand.

Sleek and aesthetically pleased, our louvered mechanical screenings offer clean, horizontal lines and completely flush posts. The columns, framework, and louvers have all been powder coated to the color of your choice, and it is this powder coating that helps protect aluminum from rust and long-term damage. Because our number of color options is practically endless, you can pick whatever best blends in with the building and landscape. If you want a color that makes for an architectural eye-catcher, you can pick that, too.

In addition to the enhanced aesthetic appeal, our louvered mechanical equipment screening is frequently chosen because it allows ventilation. Some might assume the best screening option would be to complete seal equipment from view with solid walls, but this can obstruct airflow to those working inside the screening. Fortunately, PalmSHIELD’s louvered mechanical screening provides 100% direct visual screening while maintaining 64% openness. They are also very customizable, as we can adjust them to any height needed as well as add different gate styles for whatever type of accessibility works best.

When it comes to direct visual screening, maintaining airflow, and providing aesthetics, louvered mechanical screening from PalmSHIELD is the number one choice. Call us today for a free quote on our louvered mechanical equipment screening!